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David Archibald: Music

Happiest Camper in Ontario


I Can't Dance (Fox Snake's Lament)

Living the Dream Time (More Green Time, Less Screen Time)

Camping Out Tonight

Tick Check!

I Call it Home

The Ballad of Pirate Bill

The Rocks of Tobermory

Pukaskwa Wind

It's No Tin!

Paddle to the Sea

St. Nora's Tower

(David Archibald)
February 4, 2005
words & music by David Archibald
The song takes an upbeat look at the life of a towerman in the early days of Ontario's fire Tower system.

Babylon Shore

In Flanders Fields

(Renée Archibald)
November 1, 2006
words: John McCrae music: Renée Archibald

The Great Bear of Winter

(David Archibald)
November 15, 2006
David Archibald
originally released in 1996 on a cassette of the same name

Wildman's Broken Heart

Spirit of the Inland Sea

When the Ship Comes In

Student Songs

Try, Try, Try

(Connaught P.S. Gr. 5s)
October 31, 2013
Connaught P.S. Gr. 5s & David Archibald

Sparky - the Brain Bike

(Southview P.S. Grade 5s)
March 29, 2015
Ms. LaRochelle's Gr. 5 class -- Southview P.S.

Playing in the Snow

(Grade 2s Tamworth Elementary School)
May 13, 2012
Tamworth Elementary School's Grade 2s with a little help from David Archibald

The Giving Day

(Gr.5/6 Students of Keppek-Sarawak School)
December 1, 2012
Keppel-Sarawak P.S. Grade 5/6 with a little help from David Archibald

Running Home (for Terry Fox)

(Gr. 7/8, Mr. Moon, Adjala Central P.S., LORETTO, ON)
July 27, 2011
Gr. 7/8 Mr. Moon, Adjala Central P.S. with help fromDavid Archibald
Ontario Arts Council sponsored song-writing workshops.
From the east coast to the west
He's been running, heart pounding in his chest
On a journey
On a quest
He's running home

Obesity Blues

(Gr. 5/6 Mr. Douglas, Mother Teresa Catholic School)
July 27, 2011
Mr. Douglas' 5/6s and David Archibald
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