From the recording Pride of the White Star Line

Isador Strauss (owner of Macy's) and his wife Ida were on board the great great ship in 1912. Ida could have been saved but chose to remain with her husband as the Titanic slipped beneath the north Atlantic.


Pride of the White Star Line
(Ballad of the Strausses onboard the Titanic)

Oh, though it seems forever
Only four days ago
We slipped from the piers
The flags and the cheers
On this grand new boat

Ida and I were sailing
Homeward across the sea
We hadn't a care
Not a penny was spared
For our luxury

And the band played on
And the music was flowing like wine
And there by my side
Was Ida my bride
On the Pride of the White Star Line

Somewhere the sound of voices
Promised their faith to keep
And we sat reassured
In a love strong and pure
As the ocean deep

Then came the strange sound of silence
Then there was ice on the deck
Our palace afloat
This unsinkable boat
Was a wounded wreck


We found our way to the lifeboats
Where women and children were led
Through danger and din
I encouraged her in
She refused and said...

'We've been so long together
Our lives are one not two
Wherever you go
I want you to know
I will go with you'


All of the lifeboats are gone now
Gone with the future we planned
I draw my love near
And stifle a tear
As she takes my hand

And the band played...

words & music by
David Archibald
© Rogues' Hollow Music