1. Algonquin

From the recording Algonquin

Commissioned by Ontario Parks to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of Algonquin Provincial Park. I wanted the song to have a mysterious cinematic feel.



Misty river

People gather
Little wonder
Seasons changing
Sudden thunder

Algonquin – song of the woodland
Algonquin – old whiskey jack
Algonquin – call of the west wind
Algonquin – carry me back -- Algonquin

Iron horses
Hammer rings
Timber wolf
Lumber kings

Algonquin – root of the willow
Algonquin – the birch and the spruce
Algonquin – sap of the maple
Algonquin –in the land of the moose -- Algonquin

Carry me, carry me, carry me
Back home
Carry me, carry me, carry me
Back home

Driving the timber
Down through the chutes
Better be limber
Or shake in your boots

Algonquin – light of the lantern
Algonquin – soft summer rains
Algonquin – heart of the northland
Algonquin – so deep in your veins -- Algonquin

Words and music by David Archibald
© Rogues’ Hollow Music 2018