Re UP THE RIVER As Mole, Ramona Gilmour-Darling captures the wide-eyed naiveté of the character. She does a beautiful job on what I consider the best song in the show, “I Call It Home.” Joined by Ratty in a duet, I wish it had gone on longer, as it’s lovely and conveys one of the core messages of the story. Speaking of songs, David Archibald has done a terrific job with the music both as composer and musical director, although some of the weasels’ rap is hard to understand. He plays various guitars, piano, a uke and even a couple of onstage characters. This is a lively, funny and fairly faithful re-telling of a beloved classic. There’s plenty there for adults, and kids will love it. On a scale of one to five, both the material and the 1000 Islands Playhouse production of UP THE RIVER get four and one-third fish. For North Country Public Radio I’m Connie Meng.” - Connie Meng

— NC Public Radio, NY

Re UP THE RIVER When Kathryn MacKay, John Corrigan and David Archibald came together to renew the classical tale of Wind In The Willows, little did they know they would be creating a classic of their own. Up The River: A Family Musical is an interesting retelling of The Wind In The Willows with a local twist. Scattered throughout are references to Gananoque, Rockport and Lansdowne along with the St. Lawrence River which makes the play more accessible for the audience. MacKay, Corrigan and Archibald joined forces to write Up The River and it's Archibald's talent as a musician that really brings the show together. The songs are catchy, silly and memorable, especially the finale Up The River which people were singing and humming as they left the theatre. We also see Archibald taking a turn on stage and even dancing up a storm. Up The River should be a summer must-see for children and adults alike.” - Anne Craig

— Gan Reporter

David Archibald is leading Canadian kids on a remarkable environmental journey — Harrowsmith magazine” - Merilyn Simonds

— Harrowsmith magazine

Re Spirit of the Inland Sea CD 14-track masterpiece...the songs reflect tradition and honour." — Kyra Walker, Kingston This Week” - Kyra Walker

— Kingston This Week

If this tape is any indication, David Archibald has a chance to take his place eventually among that select group of Canada's best children's songwriters...Kids Will Be Kids, his first solo effort, displays a delightful sense of humour and an uncanny knack for writing a simple melody that cries out to be sung." -- Today's Parent Magazine” - Today's Parent

— Today's Parent magazine

Re Park Performances Bearing with him a reputation for energetic, highly entertaining performances, David did not disappoint. He had the audience laughing, clapping, shouting and singing along to his hilarious and educational songs. His songwriting is clever and well thought out, and he is an extremely talented guitar player and vocalist. He interacts effortlessly with the audience and is esecially adept at entertaining and interacting with the children in the crowd...he is an ideal performer for educational based programming. Great show! — Adam Moir Natural Heritage Education Leader Sleeping Giant Provincial Park” - Adam Moir

— Ontario Parks

Re Songwriting workshops Pukaskwa National Park A project that demonstrates so well how we can engage Canadians of all ages in the discovery of our National Parks and historic sites, through an experience that they will remember, no doubt, for the rest of their lives." — Carol Sheedy, Director General for Eastern Canada, Parks Canada” - Carol Sheedy

— Parks Canada

Re Songwriting workshops Kingston First Capital 2002 Kingston celebrates the passion and talent that David brings to his endeavours...It is so marvelous to see so many of the youth of Kingston participating in this project...This recording will leave a legacy for the citizens of Kingston and is a wonderful lesson for the children involved and a unique way for them to learn about their local heritage." — Isabel Turner, Mayor, Kingston, ON” - Isabel Turner, mayor

— City of Kingston