1. Pukaskwa Wind

From the recording Pukaskwa Wind

Written for Pukaskwa National Park


Where the green rock meets the granite
Where the breakers beat the shore
The osprey flies and the spirits rise
So far from the thundering roar

My heart will be my compass
The stars will be my guide
It's so dark and clear
They seem so near
We'll touch the Pukaskwa sky

When the seasons are a-changin'
When the bears turn in their dens
They know it's time to leave
When the river heaves
And breaks up all over again

Got the Old Man's Beard above me
Got the moss beneath my feet
With the songbirds singing
The trails are ringing
It sounds so Pukaskwa sweet

When winter comes a-stealin'
When the trees all freeze and crack
The snow falls free and silently
Along a caribou track

When the world is too much with me
When the walls are closing in
I'll find that place and turn my face
Once more to the Pukaskwa wind