Anti-Bullying Song-writing in Owen Sound school 

Two weeks ago, a grade 5/6 class at Keppel-Sarawak P.S. in Owen Sound wrote an original and upbeat song about the ongoing problem of bullying. The tune features two super heroes named Officer Trust and Responsibility Girl. Stay tuned to the Student Music section of this website to hear 'Officer Trust.'


Thanks so much to Ron Williamson and Bob Henderson for bringing me to the terrific COEO conference at Camp Pine Crest in Muskoka. It was wonderful to reconnect with COEOers from all over the province. Outdoor education is a critical part of any learners journey, and I was delighted to be part of the special 40th anniversary event. The COEO song-writers penned a memorable tune to commemorate the weekend.

Cows Trump Song-writing 

I recently finished a great week of song-writing workshops at Wallace P.S. in Gowanstown, ON. I usually begin my sessions with a bang by singing an up-beat tune about summer. In one class, I couldn't help noticing that one of the girls had her eyes closed and her mouth open. She was asleep She came up to me after class and said. "I'm sorry I couldn't stay awake, but I was up all night last night with our cow who was having a hard time delivering a tiny calf." No problem. Mother and daughter are…

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Titanic in Milford 

Thanks to the wonderful Marysburgh Mummers for hosting Titanic: Pride of the White Star Line last night. Many audience members arrived in period costume. There was even a mummer dressed as an iceberg running the 50/50! Thanks also to the intrepid Nancy Erwin who was instrumental in creating this tour and dressing up the stage.

Terrace Bay Song & Video 

Congrats to Terrace Bay P.S.'s 5/6 class for putting together a song/video for ecokids! The class wrote the song 'Biodiversity' in the fall. Check it out.

We're both David Archibald 

I was performing at an Earth Day event in Toronto recently. There was a lovely poster for the show, which read, "Earth Day Show by David Archibald." So far, so good. The interesting part was the colour photo beneath the type. It was a David Archibald alright, but not me. It seems there is a well-known Climate Change expert of the same name. I'm sure he is a learned fellow and does great work, but I have to say we don't look like we're related If anyone came to the performance expecting an academic…

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Musical Salsa at Henderson 

Just finished a charming week-long song-writing session at James R. Henderson P.S. in Kingston. One class wrote a song to raise money for an orphanage in Kenya. Another class wrote their tune about salsa -- and buying/shopping locally. Quite a juxtaposition. In one of the classes, there was one brave girl who sang the national anthem. I found out she sings it every day while none of her classmates joins her. I admire her a lot.

St. Charles Song-writing with wild monkeys 

Working with grade 3s, I was involved in my first-ever song about 'Forces' -- eg. gravity, tension, compression, buoyancy etc. I mentioned that in songs we often have to rhyme words. I mentioned that 'FORCES' -- when you put them together are as strong as a team of wild --...??? The kids filled in the obvious blank with "MONKEYS." The next day, I was in a different class of grade 3s. They wanted to know what Mrs. Arseneau's class wrote about. I said, "Forces.' I mentioned that in songs we often have…

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Nov. 2010 Superior Song-writing 

Week of Nov.8, 2010 A week of song-writing with students in the Lake Superior towns of Terrace Bay and Schreiber It was a pleasure to revisit the two schools. One of the highlights was being able to perform a just-completed song called 'Let Us Remember' for the Terrace Bay Remembrance Day ceremonies. The Grades 6, 7 and 8 students wrote the songs, and on the final day, we taught them to the younger students and performed them for the entire school and visiting dignitaries. Thanks to the staff of…

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Adjala Song-writing 

Had a great time writing songs with intermediates and juniors at the fabulous Adjala Central Public School. I don't know what the kids learned, but I found out what a 'Super-Texas Wedgie' is. I hasten to add, I didn't find out the hard way. Stayed tuned to this site for posting of Adjala's songs.