From the recording The Rocks of Tobermory

Story of the old lighthouse and keepers on Flowerpot Island near Tobermory, ON.


Rocks of Tobermory
(written for the Friends of Flowerpot Island)

When the north wind slashes right through your clothes
When December comes, November goes
When the ships stop sailing through the ice and snow
Time to leave this rocky island

As the warm breeze rises and the springtime nears
When the waters run and the harbour clears
Restless hearts are yearning to be out of here
Time to row back to my island

Heed the way
We'll lead the way
Through the nights so cold and lonely
I will keep this guiding light
By the rocks of Tobermory

When the seas are pounding through the raging gales
When the steamers pitch, when you shred your sails
We'll keep the beacon trimmed and shining so she never fails
To save you from this rocky island


The rocks of Tobermory sing a siren's song
Calling sailors to their graves
But the thoughts of all those rocks and wrecks won't last too long
When I think of all the lives this light has saved

I'd be there to greet you on our patch of green
In the age of coal and of kerosene
Now, it's all been torn apart for metal and machine
So farewell my rocky island

Repeat First Verse and Chorus
words and music by David Archibald
©1998 Rogues' Hollow Music