Written to celebrate the venerable Front Range Light in Southampton, ON.


River Range Light

When the breeze starts to freshen
Off the Michigan shore
And over our gunwales the sea starts to pour
We’ll turn her for home, boys
And batten down tight
And look for the River Range Light

Oh, the whitecaps and combers and breakers they roll
God knows the big water has taken its toll
But where crosswinds and canvas and currents all fight
We’ll look to the river Range Light

O-ho the lake keeps a-risin’
O-ho like we’ve never seen
Storm clouds on the horizon
Makin’ their way to the mighty Saugeen

We’ve run through the channel with snow in our sails
And hove back to harbour through the hurricane gales
When summer skies thunder and winter winds bite
We’ll look to the river Range Light

When the mist throws a blanket o’er rocks, shoals and sand
Till in front of your face, boys, you can’t see your hand
The foghorn will wail with no refuge in sight
We’ll head for the River Range Light

SOLO (Bridge form)

Well, the Granvilles, MacDonalds, MacAulays, McLeans
They kept up their bargain, remember the names
As you stand by the beacon -- her sides painted white
And look to the River… the River Range Light

words & music by
David Archibald
© Rogues' Hollow Music 2021