From the recording Paddle to the Sea

Featured on the CD 'Bon Echo Rocks!.' The fate and burning of the MultiPly Mill in the town of Nipigon on the north shore of Lake Superior.


When the mill shuts down
In a one-mill town
You need a darn good reason
Just to stick around
You need some kind of cushion
Need a backup plan
Or you end up pushin'
Your getaway van
When your step's unsteady
And your eyes are haunted
When there's only one sign
And it says, 'Help wanted'
It seems to me
You want to paddle to the sea

We're a God-fearing town
And we wonder why
Our trials and troubles
Seem to multiply
When the Company left
Lord, times were tight
But, we kept the mill runnin'
Till the fire that night
And you want to hold on
And you don't want to bale
But, there's only one sign
And it says, 'For Sale'
It seems to me
You want to paddle to the sea

Paddle to the Sea
Take a deep breath
Take a look around
Take a step back
Back to solid ground

Paddle to the Sea
There's a cold wind
Blowin' down the street
But, there's bedrock
Underneath our feet

Well, we fought the frostbite
And we fought the flames
And we fought the floods
And we'd do it again
It's gonna take more
Than a couple bad breaks
To make a northern family
Up and pull up stakes
'Cause we're strong as wood
We're hard as brick
It's in our blood
And the blood is thick

And dreams may dim
When your roots are shaken
And they may be strained
But, they won't be breakin'

Gotta keep the faith
Gotta keep hopin'
'Cause we're workin' on a sign
And the sign says, 'Open'
Let your worries run free
Let them Paddle to the Sea

words and music by David Archibald
©2007 Rogues' Hollow Music