Commissioned by Ontario Parks to celebrate their 125th anniversary. Part of a 31-park concert tour in the summer of 2018.


Living the Dream Time
(More Green Time, Less Screen Time)

Take off for new horizons
Shake off that city blue
Check out the new sun risin’
It’s calling out to you

So gone – the time for talking
So long to the old routine
You know these boots are made for walking
And you know what I mean

A little more Green Time
A little less screen time
More ‘livin’ the dream’ time
We’re on our way
Right there beside you
The spirit will guide you
Once it’s inside you
It’s gonna stay

Feel the fire glowing
Throwing sparks up to the sky
Feel the wind a-blowing
Falling stars go sailing by – bye-bye


Tear down the walls around you
Just breathe this northern air
Step out
It’s all around you
A brave new world – out there!


Words and music © David Archibald
Rogues’ Hollow Music 2018